How precious was the snippet of home video footage of Carly Rose Sonenclar singing when she was just a toddler? Ugh, and the relationship with her father? Oh, girls and their daddies. Oh, 'X Factor.'

Her mentor Britney Spears chose Celine Dion's tired 'My Heart Will Go On' from 'Titanic,' which is kind of a burden for us because Sylvia Yacoub actually sang this on 'The Voice' Monday night. We haven't heard this song in years, and now we have the joy of listening to it twice in a week.

For a 13-year-old, she nailed the song. Sonenclar has the range and grace to carry a tune like this, and it didn't feel overpowered. She was pretty, standing on stage in a blush pink dress with broken chandeliers alongside her. Simple and understated; the other judges should take a mental note.

"We could be looking at the winner," said L.A. Reid, vocally applauding Spears. Simon Cowell didn't think she was a human being solely because of the control she had over her voice at such a young age, which he couldn't fathom.

If you're wondering, we preferred Sonenclar's performance over Yacoub's. Boom.