CeCe Frey is constantly in the bottom on 'X Factor,' always singing for her life on the elimination episode. When we first met her, she was all confidence and quite ballsy. Remember her leopard-print facial accessories? Well, she has lost a bit of that "fight" and the eye of the tiger. On tonight's (Nov. 28) episode, the singer performed 'Lady Marmalade' and it needed to be a knock-it-out-of-the-park performance. Was it?

Not really. The other judges feel the CeCe ship has sailed, while both Frey and her mentor Demi Lovato admitted before her performance that they need to figure out what's going wrong with her performances and why she keeps scraping the bottom of the votes barrel.

They seemed to have failed with that goal.

The production was loud and very 'Marie Antoinette,' as in the Sofia Coppola movie with its candy-coated, Easter-like colors and French Revolution styling.

L.A. Reid enjoyed the circus, saying that she's going down, but at least she is going down with a fight. Simon Cowell said that no one can deny that she is a "trier." He felt that there was way too much going on, and like he wanted a slice of chocolate cake and she gave him 62 pieces. That's a lot of cake, and we get it. It was a lot of loud and proud CeCe.

It was over-the-top, and didn't feel like it could compete with the rest of the talent tonight.

She may need to pack a suitcase and head home when the results are revealed tomorrow.