Chris Rene was a breakout contestant for the first week of 'X Factor.' He spoke about overcoming addiction and beating those odds, as well as being a father to his young son, which is what makes his journey so important and so popular with viewers. Not only did the singer graduate to another round of competition, thanks to his original song 'Young Homie,' but his other long-lost son found out that Chris is his real dad this week, too!

Here's the back story: Six years ago, Chris fathered a son, Elijah, unbeknownst to him. Elijah ended up in foster care, but eventually reunited with Chris about four years ago. The foster parents referred to the singer as a family friend, so Elijah did not know that "friend' Chris was his real father.

According to TMZ, The 'X Factor' hopeful posted on his Facebook page recently that the boy found out who his real father! Apparently, Elijah asked his foster parents who his real dad was. The foster parents asked the boy to guess and he guessed correctly.

Chris posted: "I am so happy i can't express my joy with words!!! I feel a new song coming though. So Blessed."

Chris Rene really is the feel good story of the nascent season of 'X Factor.' What a lovely genesis for a new song, too!