Chris Rene's reign on 'X Factor' is almost as checkered as his past. How did the rehabbed rapper fare this week? In his own words, "Been to the bottom, so I'm headed to the top."

The rapper-singer performed a reworking of Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise.' Rene's version showed off his flow and adept lyricism, but there was one problem: What on earth was he saying in the chorus? It sounds like 'Pastime Paradise,' which makes us think of golfing or video games, not of hustling and redemption, the way the rest of the song does. It didn't fit. On the other hand, he may be saying something else entirely, in which case it simply means he just needs to enunciate better.

In any case, the judges unanimously ate it up. Nicole Scherzinger recited his own lyrics back to him, while Paula Abdul gushed, "It's glorious to see you in your in element. It was real, honest and amazing."

L.A. Reid's compliment referenced Rene's history not only on the show, but in his life. "It's a long way home," Reid said of Rene's performance, "but we're there now."

Even Simon Cowell only had good things to say, and his sentiments likely echoed the fans' as well. "Welcome back Chris Rene," Cowell said. "This is what we loved about you. We're very proud that you've stuck with what you've done and what you wanted to do. We hope your life is what you want it to be. You have potential to be a real star."

Watch Chris Rene Perform His Own Rendition of 'Gangsta's Paradise' on 'X Factor'