Boy band Citizen, featuring members with body piercings, dipped deep into the '90s to perform En Vogue's 'Let Go' on tonight’s (Sept. 19) audition episode of 'X Factor.' En Vogue? Anyone out there under the age of 25 remember that all-female vocal ensemble? We didn’t think so.

While it was an unconventional song choice, these lookers backed it up with some seriously swaggy and well-done choreography. Despite their skills, crotchety 'X Factor' crab Simon Cowell wasn't picking up what they were putting down. Not for a second.

Cowell looked bored stiff throughout their entire routine, but his fellow judges were feeling it. L.A. Reid loved their vintage song choice. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were struck by their cuteness, but Cowell shot them down in flames, saying that their vocals got worse as they got more excited during the perf, and that they were out of date with their song. He pretty much scoffed at the fact that they were caught in a time warp. No nostalgia for Simon.

He delivered the sole no –foiled!!! He was therefore outnumbered by his compadres and the boys got a pass through to the next round,  much to his dismay.

Citizen will need to polish up those harmonies, which were a bit off-key, and perhaps traffic in songs from this decade in order to win Cowell’s approval in future 'X Factor' rounds.