It hasn't even been a week since 'X Factor' fave Rachel Crow was shockingly eliminated from the show and the heated competition but the teen is already getting phone calls from Disney. Yeah, that Disney. Execs from the Mouse House have already swooped in and set up a meeting with the adorable, spirited singer to discuss the possibility of working with her across multiple media, ranging from movies to TV to radio.

Pft, who needs 'X Factor,' Rach?! You've got Disney blowing up your phone. You are going places, girlfriend!

According to Perez Hilton, a rep for Disney said, "Now that she has been eliminated off' X-Factor,' a general meeting is planned with her and Disney Channel executives soon."

Fan reaction to Crow being booted from the show was intense, since she was the first contestant we met and had a winning, charming personality that just made you root for her, in addition to being in possession of one of the best voices on the show. She had 'The Voice' + 'X Factor,' if you catch our drift. Now she's moving on to bigger and better things and PopCrush could not be happier for her.