Rachel Crow's elimination from 'X Factor' was so upsetting to fans, the judges and Crow herself that we're still talking about it a week later. One contestant likened the proceedings to a scene in 'Gladiator.' It was that intense in 'X Factor'-dom last week.

MTV caught up with the four semifinalists -- Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik -- who were all bummed that Crow was bounced.

Amaro, who attempted to comfort Crow after she learned her fate, said she told the teen "[you] really cannot give up, because [you are] an amazing singer." Amaro also revealed that Crow was offering encouragement to Amaro, the final girl in the competition. Amaro admitted, "She said to me, 'You've gotta represent! You've gotta represent for the girls!'" Crow was considerate and gracious in her defeat.

Rene was legitimately bummed, too, saying, "It felt like your little sister... You see your little sister cry like that, it doesn't make you happy."

Krajcik said, "It felt like 'Gladiator' up there. I thought that I was in the middle of a blood-soaked sand arena. It was really, really weird. It's something I will never forget... I was surprised by a lot of things that night." Of course, the final over-30 contestant was referring to the beating that his mentor Nicole Scherzinger took as the person who sent the vote to deadlock and resulted in Crow going home!

Canty, who was forced to perform against Crow for the save, said he wanted to try and talk to Crow to make her feel better when she hit the floor. He said, "Obviously I didn't want to see her on the ground. [I wanted to] let her know everything was going to be all right."

With a meeting with Disney execs on the docket, everything is gonna be alright for Rachel Crow.

Watch the 'X Factor' Final Four Speak About Rachel Crow