After a pretty hilarious montage of auditions that weren't exactly up to 'X Factor' standards, two girls graced the stage to prepare for their auditions. We knew we were in for something good here.

First, there was Adrianna, who sang 'Rumor Has It' by Adele, leaving Simon Cowell to announce under his breath that "I hate this song." She flopped. Up next was a cute 13-year-old named Diamond White: a name you won't want to/can't forget.

Standing on the stage in jeans, a t-shirt, vest, and her hair pulled back into a low side ponytail, she dressed exactly how a 13-year-old should dress. Hallelujah! Getting ready to announce what song she would be singing, Cowell said, "Please don't say Adele." It's like Cowell ninja'd our brains, because the Adele auditions are growing very tiresome.

Flustered, White chose to sing the James Brown classic 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World,' a pretty -- no, very ambitious song for anyone to take on, let alone a 13-year-old girl whose vocal cords probably aren't fully developed yet. But... the girl rocked the song and had amazing vocals, and walked away with four yes's from the 'X Factor' judges.