The always lovely and talented Drew needed to show that she can do more than one thing and that she is not a one note when she performed on tonight's movie soundtrack-themed episode of 'X Factor.' She also let us see her individuality courtesy of her punk rock attire.

The 14 year old took the stage in a voluminous Taylor Swift-style, deconstructed black dress that she designed herself. She paired the frock with pink and blue hair extensions a la Avril Lavigne, so she looked the part of edgy pop star, as opposed to pop princess. Drew had the visual element down pat.

As for her song, she offered up her very Drew version of Coldplay's 'Fix You,' and the song's tug-at-the-heartstrings lyrics were perfect for her emotive voice. She took her time using her voice to make her points and she made them sweetly enough to give us cavities!

"That was really good. You were really good last week and the week before. But I can't tell the difference between the performances. I need some diversity from you," said L.A. Reid, offering up some harsh criticism. We have to disagree. Drew is so unique that it doesn't matter what she sings -- it always sounds like nothing we've ever heard before.

L.A. and Simon Cowell began to argue -- the banter is getting stale and feels scripted -- about the film 'You, Me and Dupree,' which Nicole Scherzinger punctuated by saying Drew is wise beyond her years, calling her a little slice of heaven.

Drew took more of a risk with her attire than with her song choice. However, the song sits in a beautiful vocal range and it was tailor made for Drew. If Chris Martin and wifey Gwyneth Paltrow are plopped on the couch watching the show, they would no doubt be smiling due to Drew's rendition of Martin's song.

Watch Drew Perform 'Fix You' on 'X Factor'