Drew Ryniewicz -- who is now going by Drew, like Madonna, Cher or any other mononym diva -- is one of the standouts on 'X Factor,' thanks to her exuberance, her smile, her inimitable voice and her versatility. For tonight's live performance, her mentor Simon Cowell wanted her to do something new and younger so that she's not seen as a one-note, even though her voice is ethereal and otherworldly.

For her performance, Drew started off laying down on bed of rose petals while wearing a frothy pink mini-dress. She sang a romantic version of Nelly's 'Just a Dream' and her challenge was to keep up with the drum track on this hip-hop/R&B jam -- she rose to the occasion. Drew looked like a beautiful ballerina as she showed us her range. We already know (and love that) she can do delicate, fragile and vibrato. However, we also heard Drew take things up a notch and belt it out tonight. She sang louder and higher and it was one of the night's best performances.

"You are really something," commented L.A. Reid. "You have the spirit of a superstar. Your voice tone is amazing, that little smile you have is amazing." Cowell sat there like the cat that devoured the canary, smirking since he knows Drew is a serious contender. He said he is seeing a superstar emerge before him and that he is learning from her.

Drew has that icy sweet tone a la Skylar Grey. She can partner up with a folk singer-songwriter as easily as she could guest on an Eminem track like Ms. Grey. You picking up what we're putting down? Drew is like Skylar in many ways. She's a head-turner and she's unforgettable. Drew is blossoming like those flowers whose petals she was nesting on earlier!

Watch Drew Perform 'Just a Dream' on 'X Factor'