'X Factor' fave Drew took a hit last week when L.A. Reid criticized her, saying she does the same thing over and over. For Rock Week, Drew offered her take on U2's 'With or Without You' and it was dreamy. She's like a younger version of Sarah McLachlan, with a set of pipes that could shift the earth's tectonic plates.

Drew mixed things up by performing with a choir underneath her DNA-distinct voice, creating layers of harmonies. She slowed down the song's original melody to a near glacial-pace, but through it all, she still stayed true to what she does.

L.A. told the teen that he loves her and thinks she has the most original voice but that he still wants to see a little more variety and diversity. Drew retorted that she is trying to stick with the genre that she wants to work in, which makes sense. Practice makes perfect, right?

Nicole Scherzinger balked at the crawl-like pacing of Drew's version, calling it the slowest rock song ever. It felt as if the judge was in a bad mood since she didn't seem to like anyone's performance other than the singers in her Over 30s category.

So what if Drew sticks to one thing? It's called consistency. She is doing what she does best and isn't trying to fake like she is something that she is not. We loved it, Drew. We're fans. There, we said it.

Watch Drew Perform U2's 'With or Without You' on 'X Factor'