On tonight's (Dec. 13) elimination episode of 'X Factor,' one act was given the heave-ho, leaving only three acts going on to the finals. It was the end of the road for Emblem3, who were sent home by America, with Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar moving onto next week's finals.

When the ep started, we were feeling like we're going through the motions with this season, waiting for teen powerhouse Sonenclar to take this whole thing, but not without a little competition from One Direction-y boy band Emblem3. But things were shaken up a bit.

Simon Cowell admitted that he was very worried about "his girls" in Fifth Harmony, saying the other three acts are so strong that he didn't think we'd be seeing the ladies next week.

So when they were announced as the first act going through to the finals, they went absolutely nuts. They bumrushed Cowell with a massive hug, and he looked beyond thrilled for them. The shrieking was louder than a Justin Bieber show with One Direction and the Wanted opening. Yes, it was that loud, but 5H were happy about their fate and we don't blame 'em.

"Like I said, I believe in miracles and these girls, I thought they were sensational, I could not be happier. I still have one more I want to go through, though," SiCo said, referring to his boys in Emblem3.

Britney Spears made one of her famous rubbery faces while the girls were shrieking. She was probably worried about her lone representative CRS. She even said that she was disappointed about Fifth Harmony going through, since she preferred Emblem3. Jeez, Brit. Don't hate.

Country singer Stevens was the second act announced as going through. When he learned his fate, Stevens said, "We're here," addressing his wife, who has supported him through thick and thin as he pursued his career. It was the sweetest two words ever said on the show. His mentor L.A. Reid admitted that he could not call himself a country fan, but he is a Tate Stevens fan. How could you not be, L.A.! Remember, Reid was not psyched upon learning which group he would be mentoring this season, but it turned out good for him so far, with a horse in the race in the finals!

This is Reid's last chance, since he will not be returning to serve as a mentor on Season 3.

When Sonenclar found out she was moving on, she was gracious, telling Emblem3 that she cannot wait to buy their albums when they come out. The boys were typically Californian in their goodbye, remaining positive and uplifting.

We will say that One Direction didn't win their season and look at them now. Keep ya chin up, E3!

Tune in next week to see a girl group, a country singer and a mini belter battle for the title of Season 2 winner of 'X Factor.'