On tonight's (Dec. 6) elimination episode of 'X Factor,' dreams came to an end for CeCe Frey and Diamond White, both of whom were sent home, reducing the Top 6 to a Top 4. You know what that means? We're down to the semi-finals for Season 2.

With these eliminations, the mentor panel was affected.

Frey's elimination meant her mentor Demi Lovato is also "eliminated" from the competition, as she has no more horses in the race. She is merely a spectator (and thorn in Simon Cowell's side) at this point.

Lovato wore leopard spots on her face, in homage to Frey's signature makeup look. Upon learning she was going bye bye, Frey rattled off about how she hopes people at home learned to love themselves by watching her, since she hoped to teach them that if you love yourself, you rely less on others. That was a deep and complex philosophy, and it was touching to hear this oft put upon contestant say that. Know what else was touching? Frey and Lovato embracing and crying after Frey learned her fate.

For the sing off, it was a battle of the ladies.

Fifth Harmony sang Mariah Carey's 'Anytime You Need a Friend,' and they did so quite beautifully, while Diamond White belted 'I Hope You Dance.' Of course, SiCo sent home White, while Brit sent home Fifth Harmony, since they sided with the act they mentored. Reid selected White to go home, leaving the ultra-serious Lovato, who is now act-free in the competition, to decide their fate. She sent White packing.

White was a class act when she accepted her fate, saying that Cher Lloyd came in fifth place on her season of the British edition, and look at her now. Thankfully, White won't let this minor setback this ruin her spirit. White was sent home earlier in the season and then brought back, so she is a resilient teenager. We think we will see her again.

That means that Emblem3, who wanna be 1D, are in the semis, repping Simon Cowell along with the ladies of Fifth Harmony. SiCo has two acts left in the race. Baby belter Carly Rose Sonenclar will rep Britney Spears. Country crooner Tate Stevens also made it through, holding court for Reid.

As for the leaderboard results, they went like this:

1. Tate Stevens

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony