In an attempt to gain more votes, Simon Cowell told viewers that this group saved kittens from a lake this week, risking their lives for that of the helpless animals. Oh, Emblem3, your biceps speak for themselves -- no need for these sob stories!

The trio are a strong favorite on 'X Factor' because, well, they're boys, and they're cute boys... cute boys with nice bodies never hurt anybody. Oh! And they can sing, but this is 'X Factor,' which means looks are just more important.

Cowell chose Alicia Keys' 'No One' for the group, and we were skeptical at first, but then we heard a reggae-like sound coming from the band and suddenly grew more intrigued. Of course their voices blended nicely together, as they always do, and Emblem3 sure knows how to work a crowd filled with 98% young girls who are moments away from pulling each others' hair and clawing at faces to get at these beauteous boys.

L.A. Reid said they were exactly what the show needed; Britney Spears called them heartthrobs; Demi Lovato unprofessionally gushed over them as usual; girls all over the world swooned.