The final act of tonight's (Nov. 28) 'X Factor' is Emblem3, the swoon-worthy trio brought to us in part by Simon Cowell and his evil, evil ways.

Cowell said the show was obviously saving the best for last, and as far as the B-roll footage of the boys out shopping, that might indeed be true. The guys were swarmed by crowds and crowds of young girls, asking for autographs and pictures, and we're totally going to chalk it up to the one guy with the biceps because he was rocking them in a pretty awesome way. But still, is this One Direction part 2?

Maybe not.

Color us completely shocked when they started singing Smash Mouth's version of the Monkees classic 'I'm a Believer.' You've heard it, ya know, the one from the movie 'Shrek.' At least that's all we can seem to picture in our heads; this wasn't exactly the greatest song choice, nor was it a great performance.

The girls in the crowd went crazy over the guys, but that's because they're super pretty to look at. Cowell is obviously looking for his next marketing project, and Emblem3 fits the bill perfectly.

L.A. Reid said he'd sign them to a record label right there and then, and Britney Spears, our Queen, in the name of all that is holy, agreed with us when she said she didn't like the song choice at all.

And there ya have it.