In this list of the Top 10 'X Factor' Fails, PopCrush is counting down the absolute worst auditions from the international singing competition. Sometimes, it's the bad contestants who are the most memorable, as Americans are quickly realizing with the first stateside season of 'X Factor' currently underway. The show was created by Simon Cowell and there are also installments of the television series broadcasted in England and Australia. In this countdown, we are recounting the worst auditions from the entire reality series -- so get ready for some jaw-dropping, ear-mangling fun with these terrible audition videos from our Top 10 'X Factor' Fails list.

  • 10

    Holly Jervis

    The first contestant on our 'X Factor' fails list is Holly Jervis, who Simon Cowell nicknamed "cave mouth." Despite the fact that she gave this audition her all, the only thing that left a lasting impression was that gigantic piehole.

  • 9

    Ant and Seb

    Ant and Seb auditioned for the British version of 'X Factor' with hopes of becoming the next big thing, however, their dreams quickly turned to dust after their odd singing/reggae hype man duet.

  • 8

    Dan and Venita

    Dan and Venita are two reasons why 'X Factor' should've thought harder about their "no age limit" rule. The old-timers are endearing, but their vocal performance, ehh, not so much.

  • 7

    Ariel Burdett

    Sometimes, you label something as an 'X Factor' fail because of a bad performance, and other times a bad attitude can qualify as a fail. In Ariel Burdett's case, she covered both of these criteria.

  • 6

    Dylan Lawson

    Woah! After watching Dylan Lawson's awful and slightly terrifying Lil Wayne impression, we have come to the conclusion that he needs to see a therapist in addition to a vocal coach.

  • 5

    Robert Unwin

    Aww! Poor, Robert. The chicken factory worker lands on our 'X Factor' fails list not because we don't like him as a person, but because we didn't think Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' could get any worse until we saw his audition.

  • 4


    As if this Japanese import's whisper-singing voice wasn't bad enough, what on earth possessed her to pick 'The Final Countdown' as the song that would wow the judges? Fail!

  • 3

    Guylene Rosange

    This French woman said she could be as big as Celine Dion, but she sunk like the Titanic after singing 'My Heart Will Go On.' The judges couldn't even stay straight-faced after watching this woman's horrible performance.

  • 2

    Rachel Lester

    You cannot have an 'X Factor' fails list without including the nightmare called Rachel Lester. This girl wasn't even that bad of a singer, but her mightier than thou behavior and foul mouth makes us cringe in horror.

  • 1

    Geo Godly

    There is nothing worse than being forced to watch a naked man prance around stage while singing badly, as Geo Godly proved. He made Paula Abdul vomit, L.A. Reid recoil in disgust, and managed to offend millions of viewers all over the U.S, landing him at No. 1 on our 'X Factor' fails list.