Fifth Harmony are like the female One Direction on this season of 'X Factor.' They are BFFs who are bonding. They are also likeable, cute, and sing sweetly.

Before tonight's (Nov. 28) performance, we found out that Fifth Harmony member Ally's grandfather just died, but she decided to continue on with her participation in the show, since that's what he would have wanted. This hardship also proved that the girls really have fostered a tightknit relationship over the course of a few weeks.

They turned in a fiery -literally, there were visuals of flames on the stage- performance of Kelly Clarkson's 'What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger),' and we were waiting for Ally to have her big moment, and sing her face off for her late grandpop.

They were all dressed in block and sang beautifully, even if they didn't harmonize as much as they simply sang in unison. Also, Ally didn't have that anticipated musical epiphany on the stage, but she soldiered on and did a great job surrounded by her new BFFs. She did break down at the end of the performance, but the lyrics were perfect for the emotion that the girls were feeling.

The judges were mixed on the performance, with some feeling it wasn't groundbreaking and others thinking it was the best we have seen from the ladies so far.

Opinions are like you-know-whats. Everyone has 'em.