Josh Krajcik proved why he's in the 'X Factor' top three tonight -- like he does every night. His soulful rendition of 'Please Come Home for Christmas' was backed by images of snowflakes and snow globes, but it left us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Krajcik always looks most comfortable when he performs with minimal hoopla -- he doesn't need it. His voice speaks for itself. When it's just Krajcik and a mic (and occasionally a piano or guitar), he looks happiest to be there. When Krajcik is left to his own devices, he shines, and he certainly did so tonight: L.A. Reid and mentor Nicole Scherzinger gave him a standing ovation!

"I like to try to give some criticism," Reid said at Krajcik's conclusion, "but you're so good that I'm always at a loss for words."

Paula Abdul was equally impressed, but she had more words to offer. "You're such a joy," she beamed. "You are so wonderful, and you affect all of our souls," Abdul said. "Your voice is magical, you're exactly where you need to be and this song fits you like a glove."

Even cantankerous Simon Cowell was thrilled with what he saw. "You've represented this category so well," Cowell said of the Over '30s. "I don't think there should be an age cap. If you've got it, you've got it," Cowell continued. "You have been a brilliant testament... and you are going to sell a lot of records."

No one was happier to hear such warm words than Krajcik's coach. "From Simon's lips to God's ears," Scherzinger said. "I flippin' love you, and I appreciate you so much because of the artist that you are," she gushed, glowing. "You open your heart and soul to us like no other person in this competition has. You inspire me and you make me want to be better."

Speaking for us all, Scherzinger ended with her own gratitude, saying, "Thank you, Josh. It's been an honor."

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform 'Please Come Home for Christmas'