The top two were heroes on 'X Factor' tonight with a winning duet. Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik joined forces with their performance of David Bowie's hit 'Heroes.'It's hard to find adequate words for these two, because they're both so talented that anything we'd say here is going to seem trite, but this was a unique performance for both.

There is a genuine warmth and a palpable mutual respect between Amaro and Krajcik. They smiled at one another throughout the track and seemed to actually be serenading each other. They were happy to be where they were at that moment.

Amaro was taken out of her comfort zone in performing a classic rock track, while Krajcik was in his element -- but it worked for both of them. Amaro put her signature power ballad spin on the track, while Krajcik's soulful growl fit right in with the lyrics. They're aware of how talented the other is. But lest we forget -- this is a competition!

Towards the conclusion of the song, the pair almost looked like they were ad-libbing one another. However, for this song, they knew they were working together. The last audible words exchanged before the victor was announced? With a smile and a long hug, Krajcik and Amaro said, just within the reach of a microphone, "I love you."

Watch Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik Perform 'Heroes'