And so tonight marks another live episode of 'X Factor,' and sadly, we still have to deal with Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez as our hosts. And if Khloe's shiny dress is any indication on how this is going to go, it's not a good sign. Hello distraction!

It's diva week tonight on the show, and Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are names synonymous with the term, but dare they throw Christina Aguilera in there? The show's rival is 'The Voice,' after all!

Up first was Demi Lovato's charge Jennel Garcia, who belted a pretty little version of Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary.' Thankfully, there weren't a ton of theatrics going on behind her to drown out her voice, because Garcia actually did Ms. Turner proud.

Simon Cowell was right on the money when he commented on her performance, saying that he wasn't exactly thrilled with her performances as of late, but that she totally nailed this one.

Okay, so we're total Jennel Garcia fans now, because the girl has the pipes to take this competition someplace fierce!