One Direction made a big splash when they performed on 'X Factor' last week, not just on viewers, but also on the judges and talent. No one can stop talking about 1D!

Simon Cowell, who already waxed poetic about the band (and in particular Zayn Malik), told MTV News, "It just proves the point that you can enter one of these shows, and even though you didn't win, you can have a big career afterwards. I think they're good examples for the other contestants, you know what the show can do for people."

Britney Spears gushed, "They swooned me. I loved them. I thought they were amazing. I was like 'yeah!'" Demi Lovato, who was linked to Niall Horan until recently, was loudly silent. Hmmm!

The band were just as stoked to be back on an 'X Factor' stage as SiCo was to have them -- but Zayn explained that no matter where they go, they're happy to perform for their fans. "The amazing thing about our fans is the fact that wherever we go in the world they're always kind of the same," he  said. "They're always so passionate. They're always screaming, super loud, always want to be involved in the performance and we bounce off them. We get a good vibe off them, and that's what makes our performance."

They also got good vibes off of the current crop of U.S. 'X Factor' talent. Emblem3 just wanted to hang out with them, and CeCe Frey said Directioners warned her to stay away from Harry Styles. Jason Brock, who we were kind of happy to see go, actually had a question that a whole lot of Directioners would probably ask too: "Zayn, will you make out with me backstage?" Cute, Jason -- but we don't know if you're his type!

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