L.A. Reid assembled the boy's team on tonight's emotional episode of 'X Factor.' We felt like we were put through the ringer, too, especially when the judges had to break hearts and dash dreams. No fun! We're sure Reid and his fellow judges needed a healthy dose of therapy after this episode. Nevertheless, we think Reid made some astonishing choices, but it's his team and he'll fashion it as he wishes.

He put fan-favorite Chris Rene through, despite concerns over Rene's inconsistencies. The singer has been sober since April 2011 and Reid wants him to stay that way and rise above. Hopefully this chance at a recording career can keep him on the straight and narrow path as he raises his son. He has boatloads of talent. 14-year-old rap dynamo Brian Bradley -- who was also a concern since he doesn't sing and this is a singing competition with a $5 million bounty -- has the heart of a champion, so he was also sent through to the live shows.

Jazz singer Philip Lomax, who feared he was too old-fashioned since he is signing jazz, got sent through. While L.A. said that he wants to see more than Sinatra stylings from Lomax every night, he still chose this unique charmer, who rocks a Bruno Mars copycat hat and a throwback style.

R&B singer Marcus Canty -- who showed star quality early on and whose mother gave him a deadline for making it as an artist or he'd have to go back to school -- was the final choice for Reid's formidable team. Congrats and good luck, gentlemen.

That means Skyelor Anderson, the self-styled "black guy who sings country," was sent home, since his niche genre was too limiting. The incredibly good-looking Brennin Hunt, whom Reid proclaimed had an "amazing voice" and "star quality," was also sent home because Reid felt he was too "turbulent." Country singer Tim Cifers, who won Rihanna over with his humble nature -- so much so that she told L.A. to pass the message that she found him incredibly endearing on -- was sent home, too. Maybe L.A. doesn't dig the country genre? Nick Voss lacked identity in Reid's opinion, so he was also sent home.

So L.A. Reid has picked a rapper, a jazz crooner, a rapper and a singer, and an R&B singer. He has a terrific assortment and variety in his arsenal for the live shows. Given the fact that Simon Cowell also made some questionable choices with the girls team; we're wondering just how heated the battle between these two competitive judges, both of which think they have the better category, shakes out.