'X Factor' country pop quartet Lakoda Rayne garnered mixed reviews last week for their rendition of Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.' This week, the girls fared much better.

The ladies sang 'I Wanna Love Somebody Like You' by Keith Urban, and it won the judges over once more -- even if their choices of words weren't necessarily the most flattering.

"You girls took my advice from last week to be one or the other," L.A. Reid said, referring to the group toeing the line between pop and country. "You went the right way. You're my favorite girl group in the entire competition." Let that one marinate.

Southern belle Nicole Scherzinger was enthusiastic to the point of gushing. "I grew up in Kentucky," Scherzinger said. "Do you know how popular I'd be if I took y'all home with me?!" Scherzinger expounded on her praise from last week. "Your presence together continues to be so natural, and you have such good chemistry. What I love about you is that you're effortless, and I got to hear you all individually tonight. I loved that!"

Simon Cowell, meanwhile, came around from last week's harsh criticism -- but naturally, he had to remind everyone about it. "After last week's horror show -- last week was the musical version of 'The Stepford Wives' -- now you're the group I always hoped and prayed you'd become," Cowell said. "I agree with Nicole. You were great." A group that makes Cowell agree with Scherzinger? If these girls don't get $5 million, they at least deserve a high-five for that achievement alone.

Lakoda Rayne's coach, Paula Abdul, sounded like an overjoyed stage mother -- and an expert at product placement. "I am so proud of you! You're on the clear path to an imminent Pepsi spotlight. I see you all over Pepsi," Abdul said. "This song is the perfect blend of pop and country. It's who you are."

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform 'I Wanna Love Somebody Like You' on 'X Factor'