'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell didn't like the choreography, the set design or Lakoda Rayne's singing on Wednesday night, but he said they have potential. The all-female quartet performed two songs in one, the Outfield's 'Your Love' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way,' during Rock Week.

"I thought tonight overall was a complete mess," Cowell said before he criticized every part of their performance except for their hair. L.A. Reid stepped in to intervene, but was told "Watch your back" by the visibly angry Cowell. It's at least the third or fourth time the two have exchanged heated words. Their bickering is overshadowing the performances.

Lakoda Rayne began their set on four individual pedestals with their names behind them. The 'Glee'-inspired outfits didn't seem to impress Cowell either. "Stupid choreography, which was gimmicky," he said.

Reid and the other judges defended the girls. "This is the first time I've ever seen you have fun," Reid said. "It was better, to me it was better. Was it amazing, was it great? I'm just not sure."

Lakoda Rayne is the last of Paula Abdul's three competitors with both the Stereo Hogzz and Intensity being sent home during the first two weeks of the fan-voted on portion of the competition. She compared Lakoda Rayne favorably to the Dixie Chicks. Nicole Sherzinger agreed that country-rock was their avenue.

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform 'Your Love' / 'Go Your Own Way' on 'X Factor'