Bob Seger's 1978 song 'We've Got Tonight' is an emotional and thought-provoking powerful ballad. Leroy Bell's version on tonight's 'X Factor' was anything but. Before he even went on stage, L.A. Reid was lamenting on how boring Bell is. Tonight, Leroy proved L.A. right.

The only word we can use to describe Bell's performance is adequate, and when $5 million dollars is on the line, adequate just ain't cuttin' it! Leroy was clearly struggling to hit some notes, and while he got there, the road was a bumpy. Bell worked the stage a little bit, but barely connected with the audience -- surely not the way a true rock star would have.

It's not that Bell sounded bad -- he certainly could have sounded worst -- but there was no emotional aspect in the song. Leroy clearly didn't have his whole heart behind the song and the judges saw right through him. Simon Cowell probably gave the harshest critique of Leroy saying he had no originality and has performed the same song four weeks in a row. Yikes!

Simon continued to sum it up best, "This is rock week. You should have been a shark, but you were more like a dolphin." If these lackluster performances continue, Leroy Bell will be swimming with the fishes in this 'X Factor' competition.

Watch Leroy Bell Perform Bob Seger's 'We've Got Tonight' on 'X Factor'