After last week's lip syncing controversy and subsequent backlash, 'X Factor' hopeful Leroy Bell knew he had to step his game up. Did he deliver this week? Absolutely.

Bell, 60, covered U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For,' and he couldn't have made a better move. While the guitar gods' track seemed like an unlikely choice, Bell put his own signature spin on it and knocked it out of the park. Bell performed a slightly more rhythmic version of the song, breaking into a full on gospel-style choir at the end -- which works with the lyrics' somewhat religious subtext. It was a gamble, but Bell won big with the judges.

"You finally got it right," L.A. Reid beamed. "Your song choices the past few weeks have been questionable, but this week, you got it right. Congratulations to you."

Even curmudgeon Simon Cowell was taken aback at the turnaround. "There shouldn't be cap on ages," Cowell said. "The fact that you, at 60 years old, came out, sounded like you're 20 years old and competed with teenagers ... This was your best performance by far."

Bell's coach, Nicole Scherzinger, could not be prouder of her pupil. "Aside from being 60 years old," she said, rolling her eyes at Cowell, "you're just great is what you are. It felt like we were at a rock concert and you took us to church at the same time."

Paula Abdul summed it up best. "America found what it's looking for," Abdul said. "And it's you."

Watch Leroy Bell Perform 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' on 'X Factor'