On tonight's (Nov. 21) episode of 'X Factor,' the Top 10 remaining contestants were asked to give thanks with a song so it was an extra schmaltzy (and we mean that lovingly) episode. It's also a double elimination week, so two acts will be going home tomorrow, which is Thanksgiving. That's going to suck and scar the holiday for whichever performers are sent packing.

Here's PopCrush's recap of who sang what and how, and who they thanked and why. Brit still has four horses in the race, while the rest of the judges have only two, so the scales are tipped in her favor.

We'd also like to mention that a certain mentor on the panel continues to look exactly like actress Jennifer Connelly. Hint: We don't mean Brit Brit.

Team Britney Spears:

Diamond White: This gem gave thanks to her mama with her performance of 'Because You Loved Me.' It's a diva song, sung by Celine Dion, which is always hard. The judges loved it. We were "meh."

Watch Diamond White Perform 'Because You Loved Me' on 'X Factor'

Arin RayHis older brother Aris was the man of the house and has become his best friend, so he dedicated Enrique Iglesias' song 'Hero' to him, pointing out that the "baby" parts were not applicable. L.A. felt it was too big of a song for his voice, while Demi was nasty, saying that she was bored. Everyone feels he is not showing who "he" is. That's a Brit Brit issue, since she is coaching him. Let's see if we get singin' and dancin' Arin Ray next week.

Watch Arin Ray Perform 'Hero' on 'X Factor'

Beatrice MillerThe smoky-voiced singer dedicated her performance to her two sisters who are twins. She sang Snow Patrol's 'Crashing Cars.' Demi felt she is too serious, is not progressing and is not showing her age, since she is young. Si Cow disagreed.

Watch Beatrice Miller Perform 'Chasing Cars' on 'X Factor'

Carly Rose Sonenclar: The singer dedicated 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' to her brother and she sang the first minute a capella. She is an old soul trapped in a young girl's body, but damn if CRS can't belt out a melody. The girl has pipes. Who cares if she sings songs that are "beyond" her teen years? She had two BIG finishes.

Watch Carly Rose Sonenclar Perform 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' on 'X Factor'

Team Demi Lovato:

CeCe FreyThe polarizing singer gave thanks to her sister, who is her guardian angel. She was born with cerebral palsy and died at home at age 7. So the stage was set for Frey to turn the tide and deliver a "big moment" performance. She sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and it was measured and solid, until the final chorus, when she hit big notes and broke down and couldn't finish. Her emotion was nothing if not authentic.

Watch CeCe Frey Perform 'Wind Beneath My Wings' on 'X Factor'

Paige Thomas: The singer dedicated the song to her adoptive mother Colleen, who took her in when she had nowhere else to go. She sang Brit Brit's 'Everytime' while rocking a RiRi pixie cut. She had two big moments, vocally, and sang through tears. Of course we wanted to know what Brit thought, who said, "I think you performed it beautifully."

Watch Paige Thomas Perform 'Everytime' on 'X Factor'

Team Simon Cowell:

Emblem3The boy band thanked their life coaches and spiritual leaders for turning them into men, even though they still look, feel and sound like boys. Wait, what? Emblem3 have life coaches and spiritual leaders? Are they effing kidding? No, they aren't. We can't even...it must be a California thing.They sang a One Direction'y version of OneRepublic's 'Secrets.' The 3 act like groups with "One" in their names. The Emblem3 boys harmonize like Hot Chelle Rae.

Watch Emblem3 Perform 'Secrets' on 'X Factor'

Fifth HarmonyThe girls gave thanks to God, since we all know he is probably watching the show and will now alter the results since they dedicated their song to him. But in all honesty, they shared their faith and the reason they were dedicating the perf to the man upstairs, and we were moved.They sang 'I'll Stand By You.' But it was not their best showing this season. It was good but a little blah.

Watch Fifth Harmony Perform 'I'll Stand By You' on 'X Factor'

Team L.A. Reid:

Tate Stevens: He gave thanks to his dad, who "made me who I am." He turned in an imperfect rendition of Lonestar's 'I'm Already There.' It was not flawless, but it was still terrific and twangy. He is true country and if fans of that dedicated, loyal genre are smilin' and dialin', as in calling in their votes, he'll go far.

Watch Tate Stevens Perform 'I'm Already There' on 'X Factor'

Vino Alan: The tattooed soul man dedicated his performance of 'God Bless the U.S.A' to the military. It was patriotic and heartwarming, and should send him to the top o' the leaderboard. Vino -- we still love that his name translates to "wine" -- even revealed that he tried to enlist and serve after 9/11 but we turned away because of his heavily inked skin. Tats or not, the dude can sing his a-- off. If you didn't love what he did on 'X' tonight, then we will label you a traitor that does not love America.

Watch Vino Alan Perform 'God Bless the U.S.A.' on 'X Factor'

Tune in tomorrow to see who is staying and who is not going to be thankful for having to leave.

Happy Thanksgiving!