Simon Cowell made sure to let the world note that his first group to perform, Lyric145, changed their song choice at midnight the night before, and only had a few hours to practice their songs, which would be a mix of a Katy Perry tune and a Queen hit.

The mashup itself included Perry's hit 'E.T.' and 'We Will Rock You' by the rock band (are they considered divas? We didn't think so but... Cowell makes the rules).

The good? They have the stage persona and presence to bring the biggest of the houses down. They're consistently energetic and fun, and always make for a great performance. The bad? The song choice stinks on ice. Queen fits right in with the group, but adding Katy Perry was super questionable.

Demi Lovato had the most accurate critique, saying, "Freddie Mercury was a diva by himself, so I don't see why you felt the need to add 'E.T.' It didn't fit at all."

Basically, this is 'X Factor,' not 'The Voice' - Lyric154 has "it" and look ready to be the opening act for one of the hottest hip-hop groups out there.