Marcus Canty was in the bottom two last week on 'X Factor,' so tonight he was planning on really bringing it for his tribute performance to Michael Jackson. Before he took the stage to sing the King of Pop's 1983 tune 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),' Canty practiced some dance moves, but couldn't quit nail the spins. Later on, during his performance, he proved that the singing and dancing combo might be a bit too much for him altogether.

Standing on top of a platform surrounded by flashing lights, Canty looked like a mini Usher in his white leather, sleeveless vest and matching pants. Canty did his best MJ moves alongside some sexy female backup dancers, but the dancing and singing seemed to be taking a toll on his performance.

Canty did an awesome back flip at one point, but he just seemed so winded from the choreography that his voice didn't sound as great as it has in the past weeks. The techno spin the producers put on 'P.Y.T.' didn't quite fit either. Canty would've killed it on the upbeat, feel-good, R&B original!

Simon Cowell had the same opinion. "The vocals weren't very good," Cowell said before explaining that it was the choreography was to blame for this problem. However, Nicole Scherzinger disgreed, saying, "I hope America recognizes you for all you have to offer." Paula Abdul also liked Canty's performance, saying he did a great job channeling MJ -- but she mentioned Canty's perspiration? Did she mean to say "perseverance"? With Paula, who really knows!

Watch Marcus Canty Perform 'P.Y.T.' on 'X Factor'