While 'X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro prepares to start recording her official debut album, she's helping to fill her free time with the companionship of a new puppy. She tells PEOPLE her pet is a "playful and loving" fluffy white Maltese with a love of toys.

Amaro discusses the pooch during a new video interview, which includes a photo of the cute pup. Unfortunately, she doesn't reveal the pup's name. She says, "He's a really good puppy. He listens. He knows the word 'no.' He knows that, so when you say 'no' he backs off." She admits that he's not potty trained yet, which has led to some unfortunate accidents around the house.

Though the critter is friendly, don't think of robbing him of his favorite toy. "He has this little pink squeaky toy that he likes," she says. "You try to take that away from him and he barks at you and he's like, 'No! Give me my toy.'"

Amaro was signed to Epic Records after winning the singing competition show. The deal is for $5 million, a sum that was guaranteed for whoever won the reality show.