Paige Thomas was told her performance last week on 'X Factor' was nothing more than a karaoke version of a song, so Demi Lovato wanted to make sure it didn't happen for a second time.

Lovato chose ' Last Dance' by Donna Summer for Thomas, which struck a chord with the young mom, for she and her late mother used to sing it around their kitchen all the time. It was a bittersweet moment for Thomas; her mother passed away in a car accident on Christmas Eve and she was her inspiration for becoming a performer. Yes, we have some spare tissues.

Dressed in a glittery red dress with shoulder pads surely borrowed from multiple football players, Thomas started out strong, but when the song picked up in the chorus, it took her a bit to catch her breath and catch up with the choreography, resulting in a loss of vocal strength and lyrics.

Ultimately, though, the judges raved over her performance, calling it her best, which just makes us scratch out head because... did no one see her falter during the chorus? That being said, we know she has the pipes to carry her through the competition, and we can only wish Lovato would nix the distracting dancers and lights in favor of Thomas and her voice.