Rachel Crow proved looks can be deceiving on Thursday's episode of 'X Factor.' The 14-year-old ray of sunshine found an adult lifetime's worth of pain for her performance of Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy.' It was enough to make judge Nicole Scherzinger tear up.

Crow admitted she was nervous, but hopped o stage with a plucky "hello" and a sunflower in her hair. She looked like an ordinary teenage girl -- denim vest over a pink tee and shorts -- but sang like a scorned woman. Even after the performance ended, it took her a few seconds to wipe away the anger and return to her normally buoyant self.

Crow was fighting for a spot in the final 32 during 'X Factor.' Once decided, the group will be split into four sub-groups, with each judge inviting eight contestants to his or her home for private coaching. They'll then return to the competition. Judges don't critique contestants after this round, so it was impossible to know at this point if Crow stands a chance.

Watch Rachel Crow Sing Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' on 'X Factor'