Rachel Crow was a victim of poor song choice tonight on the Michael Jackson edition of 'X Factor.' With all the great King of Pop songs to choose from, somehow Crow was given the Jacksons' marginal hit 'Can You Feel It' to sing.

The talented 13-year-old singer, who could have done wonders with any number of Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 songs, performed an admirable version of 'Can You Feel It.' She was surrounded by a number of backup dancers and backup singers while she worked the entire stage. However, the song itself is not as dynamic as Jackson's most well-known hits.

L.A. Reid started out the judges' comments, saying, 'This is probably the only time that I watched you and didn't believe that you were really having a great time."

Nicole Scherzinger added, "Normally, you shine all the way to the sun and back, but tonight I don't know if I felt that you felt it."

Meanwhile, Paul Abdul commented, "I don't think the song did you justice."

Simon Cowell, who is Crow's mentor, disagreed with the other three. "You look like a pop star, you're having the time of your life. Luckily [the other three judges] Sqiggly, Diddly and Whatever don't vote."

Watch Rachel Crow Perform the Jacksons' 'Can You Feel It' on 'X Factor'