After last night's episode of 'X Factor,' we saw the remaining 24 contestants visit the judge's houses, found out which judge was mentoring which age group, and got to see L.A. Reid throw a fit over his group placement. But on tonight's (Oct. 11) episode, we're finally on track to see what we've been waiting all season for: performances! ... And none of those bad ones that have been used as filler! Pepsi for everyone!

The two groups performing tonight are: the Over 25s (sorry L.A.) and the Teens (yay Queen Britney!) After the performances though, each judge will have to say ciao to a couple of their ingenues, as they're forced to downsize their teams of six to four. Womp womp.


Reid explained that he's used to mentoring younger people, like Justin Bieber, hence why he brought the Biebs and his manager Scooter Braun to help mentor his team

Jason Brock: He decided to tackle Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry' -- odd for a grown man, but he nailed the performance. "I felt so good about that, and it went off just the way I wanted it too," said Brock. Reid called it "strong," but Bieber and Braun debated as to whether or not he was "the one." But is he a bit too reminiscent of Adam Lambert to be crowned the winner of 'X Factor?'

David Correy"It's do or die," said Correy in his interview before his final performance before the live shows. He opted for a super slowed down version of 'Domino' by Jessie J, most likely so he could show off his crazy vocal range. "There were some notes that were given me chill bumps," said Reid. Bieber echoed his sentiments, saying Correy could go far. However, they were concerned about his marketability.

Daryl Black: His audition was interrupted by his interview, but what we got to see of his rendition of Hall + Oates' 'She's Gone' was powerful, but Reid didn't feel it was unique enough.

Tate Stevens: Representing the country music side of things, the cowboy hat wearing Stevens surprisingly chose 'Back at One' by Brian McKnight as his final audition song. Not surprisingly, his country twang came through the R+B song, but it wasn't the best song option to showcase his vocals. Bieber thought he was charismatic, but Reid questioned whether or not he'd hand him a check for $5 million.

Vino Alan: Possibly the groups underdog considering looks wise, (he's big, he's built, he has tattoos on his face - tough guy, much?) His rendition of Pink's 'Sober' was almost unrecognizable thanks to the grittiness of his voice, but Alan owned the song and made it entirely his own. "Great voice, all that soul, but I'm looking and thinking ... the package, the package," said Reid. "I just don't know.

Tara SimonThe crazy vocal teacher got this far. How? Who knows, but the judges saw something in her. Simon sang Hoobastank's 'The Reason' and started out breathy before belting as she usually does, but it's almost as if the girl tries too hard. The judges thought she had a strong voice, but thought she needed to sound a bit sweeter. Sidenote: Does she remind anyone else of actress Lucy Lawless?

Goners: ?


Ahhhh, we're in Britney Spears' house! Is this really her house? We didn't think she lived in Malibu, nor do we think her family would allow people inside her real house, but whatevs. It's Britney, b----. is helping Spears mentor the teens, fitting, since he appeared on 'Big Fat Bass' off her 'Femme Fatale' album. Seriously... check that song out.

Diamond White: The girl with the name of a potential new toothpaste took on Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You' and sounded a bit more off key than normal in the beginning, but got stronger towards the end. "I think she sings amazing, but I think she cares about her moves too much," said; Spears felt like she needed to work on her stage presence more.

Reed Demming: The flippant youngster sang the heck out of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White T's, and dare we say resembled a Mr. Bieber a little bit? "I think he was nervous and could do a bit better than he did," said Spears. But felt she'd be able to mold him by bringing his speaking voice into his singing voice.

James Tanner: He decided to rap to 'Party Like a Rockstar' by Shop Boyz, and, well, it sounded like your kid brother rapping. We'll just leave it at that.

Arin Ray: He's getting a second chance, having performed with a group during last year's 'X Factor.' He got a one-on-two(?) with Spears and before his audition, which we haven't seen before. Taking on 'Starships' by Nicki Minaj, and instead of rapping like his predecessor, he sang the melody, giving himself an advantage by showing what he's really capable of vocally. "He has something, you have to work with him a little bit, but he definitely has potential," said He's a lock for the Final Four.

Beatrice Miller: The 13-year-old was noticeably nervous throughout the entire episode, but had zero reason to be. During her performance of 'Titanium' by David Guetta ft. Sia, her voice was so raspy and so strong, we almost wished for an a capella version versus the accompaniment of the guitar. "I feel like she needs to control her voice a little more," said Spears, but agreed with her co-mentor that she was "fresh."

Carly Rose SonenclarShe's the teen with the old soul voice who also had a pre-performance gab session with the two mentors, but she didn't let that phase her. Sonenclar completely owned Karmin's 'Brokenhearted,' and opted to sing it slowly versus the radio version. She sang it with soul, she sang it with emotion; there's no way Spears is letting this girl go. "She's like a caterpillar, and you think she's going to turn into a butterfly," said "But no... dragon! Burning up the place."

Goners: ?
Looks like we'll have to wait until next week to see which four from each team will be making it to the live shows.
See ya next week!