Simon Cowell doesn't have a judge's panel controversy on his hands with 'X Factor' simply because he doesn't have any judges! With Britney Spears bouncing after a season and L.A. Reid making his exit to return to running his label, and Demi Lovato's future up in the air, he needs to bring in some big names to fill the empty slots. The latest rumor has Katy Perry and her BF John Mayer atop the wish list. Si Co reportedly offered the couple $20 million to join the show.

Cowell is hoping that their megawatt romantic relationship will lead to on-air spats over contestants, upping the show's "must see" quotient, something it has been sorely lacking. Even Brit's stint as a judge did not rake in the kinda ratings the acid-tongued Brit had hoped.

"Katy's sassy, honest and a huge star, while John's more reserved," a source said about why Cowell is hot on having the twosome judge. He thinks their opposite personalities would make the show "unmissable."

But it begs the question. Why would a famous couple with already deep bank accounts want to go on a reality show to do battle in front of the world? Why put their budding romance under that kind of stress? They don't need the ratings. Cowell, however, does.

Perry has expressed that she is more interested in her own career, as opposed to judging and fostering that of others, when it comes to reality talent shows. Who needs Mayer, other than for quippy, big-mouthed oneliners when Perry can bring her girls to get all the attention?

Overall, the show didn't do well with mid-level judges (like Nicole Scherzinger) in its first season, and it didn't do well with a major pop star whose best days are behind her (Brit, sorry, girl, we love you, but your Lolita days are over.) The show's premise is that stars mentor the contestants so Cowell needs to get his 'X' think tank going. We can't see Katy and John joining the show.

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