More information about Siameze Floyd, the fishnet shirt-wearing, heel-sporting, Prince-aping contestant on 'X Factor,' has surfaced. Apparently, the entertainer was raised in a polyamorist family and his five parents are currently crafting a reality show about their unconventional lifestyle. The show is tentatively titled 'The Fabulous Floyds.' He didn't reveal this nugget of information during his audition.

According to TMZ, The Fabulous Floyds are comprised of Eric Floyd and his four wives (Wanda, Aynixia, Satai and Aurora) along with his daughter and Siameze. Several networks are interested in airing the show, so says the fam. The show will follow the Family Floyd as they navigate life in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The family says it has bonded them mentally, spiritually and physically. Plus, wife Wanda Dee (who is Siameze's biological mother), was a singer in the '90s group The KLF, so Siameze's musical roots run deep and are familial. Wanda and Siameze share a special bond and she says that the family is more talented than people give them credit for.

Watch 'The Fabulous Floyds' Promo