You would never think Simon Cowell would have the problem of liking people too much. But that's precisely what he said at the beginning of tonight's 'X Factor.' Cowell, who had the charge of choosing four girls to move onto the next round, may have had the most talented pool of contestants on the show.

The fate of both Tora Woloshin and Simone Battle was decided first. Cowell said Woloshin was "very current and very different," but unfortunately for Tora, she did not make it through. Simone Battle, on the other hand, has had her own problems with remembering the correct lyrics during her performances. Before the big decicion, Battle remarked, "I don’t want to think about a Plan B. I just want to make Plan A happen." And lucky for her, Plan A is still in effect, as Cowell chose to move her through.

Everyday girl and hardcore Belieber, Drew Ryniewicz, was not ready to go back to her normal teenaged life in middle America -- and Simon Cowell wasn't ready to let her return either. He said not only was she the best teenager in the contest so far, but the best contestant of the whole day of auditions. As she celebrated getting through to the next round she exclaimed, "I don't even know if I'm speaking English right now!"

Simon agreed that soulful 16-year-old Jazzlyn Little has polished off her sound as she's moved through the audition rounds. Cowell agreed that he liked her, but she was not granted the opportunity to move on. Also, diva-in-training Tiah Tolliver was not a first choice in the preliminary audition rounds, but Simon saw something in her and fought for it. Though Cowell admitted Tiah has some pitch issues, he also admitted to be a believer in Tolliver and that she would be a part of his final four!

Blond-haired rugby coach Caitlin Koch is adorable, but unfortunately that was not enough to send her through to the next round. In Koch's eyes, she'll go home and continue singing to nobody, but we don't think this is the end of the road for her. Fortunately, it's just the beginning for Rachel Crow. The viral sensation, 13, just wants her own bathroom, and she got one step closer this week as Cowell put her through to the final four. Cowell asked, "How could I say no to you?" We hear that, Simon!

Melanie Amaro perhaps went through the biggest emotional rollercoaster on tonight's episode. At Simon's French villa, Amaro was eliminated even after Cowell said her audition validated his reason for bringing this talent competition across the Atlantic. After all was said and done, Cowell knew he had a made a wrong decision. So he flew to Melanie's home in Florida and apologized to Amaro for his transgression. "Apology accepted," exclaimed one of Amaro's relatives and a seventeenth finalist was added!