'X Factor' hopeful Simone Battle declared herself a pop star the minute she stepped on the stage of the show. We're several weeks deep into the competition and she has surprisingly survived and is still singing on the show; she isn't the most talented singer of the females, but her spunky and head-turning image, along with her confidence, have likely been the qualities that edged out others.

Her role as a contestant on 'X' hasn't stopped the 21-year-old singer/dancer from releasing the video for the pop song 'He Likes Boys,' which won't do anything to dispel the notion that she wants to be a pop starlet.

While Battle's voice is thin, she has the chops, the look, the style and the patriotic, red, white and blue platform heels that remind us of Katy Perry.

Much of Battle's look and her sound reminds us of Perry. And with the lyrical sentiment 'He Likes Boys,' Battle is zoned in on Perry's sassy, smart girl turf.

The video follows Battle as she meets a dude on the streets of Los Angeles and as she drives a black muscle car convertible, writhes in a tub and dances in a club! Yes, we know, we made a poem, however inadvertently. We're riding sidecar as Simone Battle sings her R&B-meets-club song. The video and the song is sugar, spice and everything else that a pop hits are made of. The only problem is that nothing about it stands out from dozens of other songs and videos of the ilk.

Watch the Simone Battle 'He Likes Boys' Video