What to say about the very last "group" performance on tonight's 'X Factor'? Well, we've got next to nothing to say because they practically bored us to tears with their rendition of Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars.' There were no standouts or even a glimmer of hope for this rag tag bunch of entertainers. And we're using that word -- entertainers -- loosely, since their performance was anything but entertaining.

Henri Bredouw started off for this group and was clearly not up to snuff, as he was sent home in the elimination portion of the contest. The Brewer Boys delivered a cutesy duet on the song and were also kept around to see another day in 'X Factor' land.

During the rehearsal portion prior to their performance, Hannah Jackson and Emma Henry were competing for a specific part in the song, and judging by both of their performances, neither would have done it justice. Ryan Sims sang his part in a rock' n' roll style and just awkwardly paced around the stage, and Christa Collins finished off this bore-fest with an equally underwhelming part.

If you ever want to watch a boring and forgettable rendition of 'Chasing Cars,' make sure to revisit this performance from tonight's episode.

Watch the Group Perform 'Chasing Cars' on 'X Factor'