The familiar face on tonight's 'X Factor' belonged to Sophie Tweed-Simmons -- or make that her father, Gene Simmons of Kiss. Mind you, the pretty 19-year-old made it clear from the very beginning that she wanted to make it on her own, and that's something anyone can respect.

Tweed-Simmons shined during her performance of Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love.' Not only did she have the uncanny ability to not sound like Adele, but she managed to sound like an old-time singer who's more experienced than the typical Joe Schmo auditioning for 'X Factor.'

It was clear that Tweed-Simmons got lost in her performance. Sure, there were moments when she clutched her stomach out of nerves, and and she could probably use a lesson from her dad on how to work a stage -- but she was soulful and sweet, and made the song her own. Unfortunately, though, Britney Spears was the only one moved by the performance. "I think you have an amazing voice," she said before offering a sweet smile.

The other judges weren't completely negative, but they weren't so kind either. "I think if you had more control you'd be really great," said Demi Lovato. "There's something really special about you." L.A. Reid echoed Lovato, saying that he didn't quite get the "chill bumps" he wanted to get from her. Simon Cowell came to Tweed-Simmons' rescue, though, offering a positive critique. "Sophie, you know what? I think you have a very interesting tone to your voice," he said. "I like the fact that you took on this song and made it your version. That's the way to do it."

What's most shocking is the fact her performance was an acceptable audition and she should've gotten through no problem, and it was kind of appalling that the four judges had let people with less talent on to the next round. But in the end, Sophie Tweed-Simmons received three yesses and moved on.