Stacy Francis opened her 'X Factor' performance with behind-the-scenes footage saying she misses seeing her kids. Fortunately for her, if she keeps performing the way she did tonight, she'll be with them 24/7 again.

Francis sang an ever-so-slightly slower tempo version of 'Queen of the Night' from 'The Bodyguard.' Francis already had a tall order to fill covering a Whitney Houston hit, but she has the vocal chops to pull it off. However, her voice -- like anyone else's -- doesn't carry as well when she dances, and that's going to hurt her.

Surprisingly, it seems like Perez Hilton was prophetic, if not eloquent. Francis' ideal market would be the adult contemporary arena, but she keeps trying to sell herself as a young pop star, which is counterproductive. The younger she tries to be, the older she comes across -- and tonight, she looked like she could be Rihanna's mom.

On the bright side, the track is great for her vocal range, and the judges were generally pleased with her performance -- even though it caused some caustic banter between them! "You're singing for your life," Paula Abdul said, "but I never liked the song." That didn't sit well with L.A. Reid. "I wrote it," he said sternly. "That's disrespectful." Yikes!

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell had his own remarks, as usual. "I liked you last week as a singer," Cowell said,"but I think Nicole combined you and Paula into the same person." Stacy Francis would fare much better if she were her own person. Perhaps she needs another week to figure out exactly who that is.

Watch Stacy Francis Perform 'Queen of the Night' on 'X Factor'