Tara Simon from Atlanta did more talking than singing on tonight's (Sept. 26) episode of 'X Factor.'

Here's what we learned. She wants to take out Christina Aguilera from the top of the pop food chain, no doubt a reference to the rivalry between Britney Spears and Xtina, which extends to their Lolita pop vixen earlier years through current day, where they serve on the panels of competing reality shows.

Simon also said that she wants to be an 'X Factor' judge after she wins the show. She had lofty goals and lots of confidence, to say nothing of her bubbly, chatty personality.

By the time Simon got around to singing the David Guetta/Usher smash 'Without You,' we were already exhausted. Less talking, more singing.

Her rendition of the song was all over the place and strange, going very deep and low, and then hitting Mariah Carey-style notes. So when the judges said it was theatrical and overtrained, we though they would say "Thank you and good night" -- but they all said they loved her and gave her pass, so we will see/hear her again.