Former number one spot holder Tate Stevens was going to take on 'Somebody Like You' by Keith Urban this week on 'X Factor,' and in a hilarious mistake, his mentor L.A. Reid made it seem like he too was also about to sing an Adele song.

Uhhhh, obviously not. He's a country boy!

Reid was nervous that Stevens wasn't going to give the most entertaining performance, but assured us all watching at home that his swag factor was at an all-time high this week. Thanks for the heads up, Reid, but do country singers have swagger? Not trying to hate, just... ya know, saying... never mind.

Stevens was his usual self: on point. And he was actually entertaining! After strumming his guitar with the nicely placed "TS" on the strap, he took to walking on the stage and shaking his jean-clad hips for the audience, and often interacted them, getting them to clap their hands and such. All that was missing from his performance was a toss of the cowboy hat into the crowd, which would've been awesome.

"I'm sure we'll be seeing you accept a country music award one day," said Britney Spears, nodding her approval over the performance. Simon Cowell even had a nice thing to say, well, after he told Stevens he should never dance again. Which.... was the highlight and greatest comment of the night.