Remember Tora Woloshin, the glammed out, super stylish mechanic who competed on 'X Factor' during its debut season last fall? She could sing her heart out and her butt off, and Simon Cowell espoused her virtues, telling her he loved her. But somewhat surprisingly, Woloshin didn't make it far on the show. But then again, One Direction didn’t win their season of the British edition of the show and look at where they are now! You never know. The time is right for someone as sassy and spunky as Tora Woloshin to return to the pop scene.

Woloshin has dropped her new single 'Guns and Roses,' a bouncy, danceable, synthy song that shows off her sexy and capable voice. It sounds like Miss Tora's mission is to get listeners on that dance floor, shaking their thang.

She's also shared the lyric video, too. But it's not just the words to the song flashing on the screen. It feels like an actual, official video, since there's also lots of footage of the formerly platinum blonde Woloshin, who has longer, brown hair now, and shows off lots of tattoos.

If we had to break it down, Woloshin is like Pink and Amy Winehouse all rolled into one. She's also pretty fabulous. We're glad we've heard from her again. Besides, how bad ass is it for a glammed out, tattooed pop chick to work on cars in her spare time? Marriage material right there, boys!

Grab the song here if you like it.

Watch Tora Woloshin 'Guns and Roses' Lyric Video