On tonight's (Nov. 28) episode of 'X Factor,' L.A. Reid went and changed Vino Alan's song since he didn't like how the practice session for the original choice was going. He called an audible and created a quarterback controversy of sorts, since he is the "coach" and that is his God-given -- okay, make that producer-given -- right. So Alan needed to respond with by either throwing an interception or a touchdown when tackling 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'' since five million bucks is on the table for the taking.

How'd did the heavily tattooed man with the soulful vox do?

It was a pick six. And he didn't do a better job than Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards in 'Top Gun' as he serenaded the crowd, touching their hands. But it was a valiant effort.

Shockingly, Alan wasn't as soulful as we've come to expect from him with this performance.

He did funk it out during the second part of the song, delivering a more upbeat vocal over a reggae rhythm. We were struck when the camera turned to L.A. Reid, who was grooving in his seat like he was listening to an entirely different song. He was not in time with Alan's beat. At all.

The judges were all disappointed with the presentation and the changing of the song. The reggae thing didn't work. Alan performed while hunched over, making it feel uncomfortable.

Let's hope Alan sticks around to rebound next week. This was not his best showing by any means.