The first-ever 'X Factor' winner will be crowned tonight. With Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene battling for the title, it's anyone's crown to take. PopCrush is going to be bold and predict that singer/rapper Chris Rene will walk away with the $5 million recording contract, the Pepsi commercial and the glory of being the winner of 'X Factor.' We watched every single performance, so we think our prediction is informed.

First, Rene is the most universal pop artist of the remaining competitors. He meshes R&B with pop and hip-hop lite and was able to take already established pop songs and make them "new" by infusing them with original rap parts. He's not a manufactured act covering songs of others to make an impression. Additionally, his musical style is what's hot right now and what sells records.

The fact that Rene is a recovering addict also ups his likability quotient, making him a "feel good" story. That, coupled with Rene's charm and talent, is reason enough to cast deciding votes for him.

Granted, Rene is not the best singer in the competition, but this isn't 'The Voice.' It's the 'X Factor,' and he has those often indefinable traits that allow some people become superstars.

While Amaro is the most vocally talented, we always feel like her performances miss the mark and don't quite connect on an emotional level. She's good -- make that great -- but you're not rooting for her above all else. She's just not reaching us. We still love her, though.

Krajcik is right up there with Rene in terms of likability. He's also a "feel good" story, since he's been schlepping away in Ohio for years trying to catch that elusive big break. His husky, rock 'n' roll voice is also commercially viable, like Rene's. If Rene doesn't win, Krajcik (who casts a little magic every time he gets behind a microphone) will.