It's unlikely 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell has ever auditioned someone with as much sass as 27-year-old Xander Alexander. The New York born singer was argumentative before he walked onstage, trashing idols like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey before declaring his live show would be "Britney Spears meets Lady Gaga on crack."

Alexander says he's "like Bruno Mars, only my hair's not nappy and I'm not chubby." When he finally sashayed to the stage, he began arguing with Cowell about how to pronounce his name. It's Xander -- as in Zander -- not Alexander. When the British judge got it wrong, he asked him to step outside, then called him "Simone."

"Have you ever performed onstage before?" Cowell asked as his patience waned. "Have you ever worn a shirt that isn't gray?" Alex -- er, Xander answered. Finally he gave a few seconds worth of a lackluster performance of Edwin McCain's 'I'll Be' before the judges stopped him.

Despite all of this, the four seriously considered sending Xander Alexander to the next round. Nicole Scherzinger voted 'Yes,' but L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul said they just couldn't agree, despite appreciating his spirited personality. "You got the audience to hate you by the end of the audition," Cowell explained in telling the singer where he went wrong. "The minute anyone criticizes you, you turn into a b----y, nasty diva."

Devastated, Xander Alexander moped around the stage while the judges waived goo-bye to the Dallas, Texas crowd. One gets the feeling he's the type of character who could show again if 'X Factor' decides to bring back the best of the worst during one episode this season.

Watch Xander Alexander's Audition on 'X Factor'