Swedish garage rockers the Hives provide the music for an Xbox One commercial that shows off the brand new video game console.

Titled 'Invitation,' the clip opens with a bang, with a giant robotic monster crashing into a corporate office. While the intrusion causes some of the staff to run for cover, the robot is friendly and invites one man to see the Xbox One up close.

Viewers are taken into the middle of a soccer game, a Star Trek scene, and a car race in the desert. Throughout the commercial, a voice is heard screaming, "Come on!" The audio is the entire Hives song 'Come On,' from their latest release, 'Lex Hives.'

At 94 seconds, the commercial is actually longer than the song itself, which is just 69 seconds long.

The Hives' music has been featured in numerous commercials, including a spot for Desperados beer, the trailer for 'The Internship,' and an ad for another Xbox game, the Nike+ Kinect Training system. They earned their biggest commercial success in the U.S. in the early 2000s, notably with the single 'Hate to Say I Told You So,' but the Hives have continued to release albums and even opened for Pink earlier this year on The Truth About Love Tour.

The Xbox One combines games, music, movies, sports and live television and will be available at retailers on Nov. 22.