On tonight's 'The Voice,' Xenia tried her hand -- literally -- at 'Price Tag,' the hit song by U.K. sensation Jessie J. The song is bouncy and full of confident energy, which Xenia sadly didn't have when she sang. While her voice is undeniably strong and as unique as her DNA, she was visibly uncomfortable when she was pointing left and right along with the lyrics of the chorus.

The shy 'n' sweet Xenia often averted her gaze from the crowd and the camera throughout most of her performance, but her voice did hold up and keep us interested in her. Her coach Blake Shelton ran onstage to engulf the singer in a warm, post-performance bear hug. Shelton really loves his "kids!"

Part of the problem here was that Jessie J rocked the song with a capital "R" when she performed it on 'Saturday Night Live' earlier this year and that is the image that is burned in our brains -- and it was hard for Xenia to live up to. As the episode began, Christina Aguilera said that she already knows these contestants can sing; now we need to see them perform. Xenia sang well, but performed like a novice. But she's here to grow!

The coaches liked Xenia's performance of the song, with Cee Lo Green calling her adorable and innocent. Adam Levine said he enjoyed watching her have fun. Shelton was overjoyed like a proud papa, proclaiming, "I am so happy and proud of her and my heart is swollen right now, because American is watching a star being born. That unique sound she has is unrivaled. I love Xenia."

We love Xenia's voice, too, but her body language and her posture did not match the strut of the song.

Watch Xenia Sing 'Price Tag' on 'The Voice'