The trifecta on Yelawolf's new song 'Throw It Up' is certainly one of the most unique collaborations on a rap song. You have the Alabama spitfire Yelawolf. Then there's Gangsta Boo, the foul-mouthed vixen from Three Six Mafia, and Eminem, the lyrical monster from Detroit. All together, the trio are lyrically explosive on this Will Power-produced piano-driven banger.

Yelawolf goes hard on the track with his abrasive rhymes daring anyone to step in his face. "If I'm not hardly the one, then you must be barely the one," he raps. "B---- I'm the prodigal son / And I'm stuntin' like my daddy, dr-dr-dr-drinkin' like my mama / C-c-country like my uncles, stutterin' like a CD in a donk / bump, bump, bump, bump."

Meanwhile, Gangsta Boo get unladylike as she addresses the haters, spitting, "B---- please you don't wanna step up to this Mrs. G-A-N-G-S-T-A / Will make a n---- hit his knees when / I'm up in the buildin' / Preach it to my children / I don't be takin' no s--- from you haters / You'll make me hurt one of your feelings."

Finally, Eminem comes through with his rapid-fire delivery, name-checking White Castle hamburgers, Payless shoes, Target and diarrhea. Yeah, he's all over the place. In the end, Em warns, "Me, Yelawolf and Gangsta Boo came here to show you a thing or two / 'Bout sign language, middle fingers aimed at you so we don't gotta scream at you!"

This is a phenomenal track with three great artists who can get crazy busy over a hellified southern rap banger.

Listen to Yelawolf, 'Throw It Up' Feat. Gangsta Boo and Eminem